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Release Your Kindness

December 4, 20110 Comments

This week we’re exploring kindness.  I met a Buddhist monk once who said that we are here because of the kindness of others. If you give some thought to that, you’ll see it’s true.  It’s a building block for a beautiful world yet the quality itself is underrated and often seen as a weakness. Why […]

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The Many Masks

December 1, 20110 Comments

We where many masks on a daily basis, some we have to according to the roles we play as parent, as child, as professional etc. Some mask we wear voluntarily. I have always wondered who we were wearing the masks for. Is it towards the outside world and how I am perceived or am do […]

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Indian Fusion Recipes

November 24, 20110 Comments

Donna Serpe and Leilabhen have combined experience, expertise, and creativity. Together they have mingled our love for Indian traditional foods with our comfort of common american ingredients. They have cleverly created a series of recipes, “roll ups” made with the traditional indian chapatti, lighter and healthier than the average wrap and then filled these with […]

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Exploring the art of “being”

November 20, 20110 Comments

We can easily get lost in “doing” and forget that it’s the quality of our being that’s coloring each and every action.  For me, focusing on the being means that “how” I do things is more important than what I do. It means the intention of what I do is more important than the outcome.  […]

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What do your thoughts create?

November 10, 20110 Comments

This Week’s Episode: How Thought Are Creative Such a thought provoking interview. Shireen mentions the importance of understanding the relationship between the creator and the creation. What a powerful statement that I am the creator of my thoughts and through silence, I can be as creative, as original, anything is possible out of that silence.

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