Overcoming Anger

March 15, 20120 Comments

Many feel anger is essential to combat forces of injustice or to get people to do things that they may not do otherwise. I’m sure you can identify with this if you’re a parent or a manger. But is that really true? Are there alternatives? We think so.

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Bringing Newness into Our Lives

March 2, 20120 Comments

Newness means the ability to see the world with fresh eyes, to arrive with the wonder of a child to the scenes of your life, to continue to grow and learn and to to feel each day is unique and precious. If we’re not feeling that way about our life, there’s hope.

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Transforming Relationships

February 7, 20120 Comments

What would happen if I practiced seeing those around me as pure spiritual beings, as divine and valuable? Shifting my vision of others is a golden key to transforming my relationships.

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Stories and their impact on our lives

December 21, 20110 Comments

Stories and tales have always been away to not only educate, but also inspire, teach, encourage and empower each other. Stories can give us hope when we feel there is none, courage when we think we can’t, light when we see none at the end of the tunnel. Why are stories so important. Enjoy this […]

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Overcoming Addiction to Sorrow

December 13, 20110 Comments

Why is that some people seem addicted to sorrow? Do we feel that we deserve suffering and that it’s a sort of payment for our wrongdoing? Do we like the attention we get from it? Or is it another way to feel alive?  Why is it a fix for some people?  Check out this week’s […]

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